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Who we are
We own and operate a small, certified organic vegetable farm in Wisconsin. We learned about the paper pot system while visiting Japan and decided we wanted to make it available to others. We are committed to small-scale, sustainable farming practices and believe that appropriate technology has an important role to play in helping make small farms profitable and enjoyable.

Small Farm Works
Tools and Resources for Small Farms...Featuring Paper Pot Transplanting Systems


*See video below for explanation of set up and seeding procedures.
Paper Pot Transplanter Tools
   Model Number  Description and
Primary Uses
 Features and Options  Dimensions
   HP-10  Planting alliums, flowers, and other crops in either trenches of flat ground. Best model for the long chain pots (4” and 6” in-row spacing)  Highly recommended.  Longer furrow channel is best for long chain pots and also ensures superior overall performance.  Easier to adjust handle height and wheels than HP-8.

29 lbs

L: 80-84 in

W: ~12 in

H: 32-44 in 
 (photo coming soon)


Planting alliums (esp. leeks and scallions) in trenches for blanching Long and with high profile for planting in trenches. Picture at left shows optional granular fertilizer or herbicide applicator.  

26.5 lbs

L: 74-77 in

W: ~12 in

H: 26-32 in
  HP-7II Planting alliums or flowers in two rows Between-row spacing adjustable from 5 to 12 inches.  Shorter furrow channel is not as good for longer chain (LP) pots.  

34 lbs

L: 63-67 in

W: ~27 in

H: 30-38 in
 (photo coming soon)
HP-8 Planting alliums, flowers or other crops in open field, trenches, or in hoophouses Lightweight unit. Collapses and folds to better utilize space in hoophouses.  Not as good for longer chain pots.  

24.25 lbs

L: 65-68 in

W: ~12 in

H: 30-36 in
 (photo coming soon)
TR-1 Standard bottom tray for paper pots. Rigid, durable plastic with low sides.  Please order in units of 10 11.75 in by 23.75 in.
  CP-1 Metal rods that slide into paper pots to pull them open and secure them.    



Metal frame for holding open paper pots while they are filled with potting soil. CP30K is for use with CP303, 304, 305 and LP303 paperpots.  CP25K is for use with CP253 paperpots.  CP35K is for use with CP354, CP353 paperpots.  
  DB-1 Plastic dibbling board to make depressions in filled paper pots.  Used with item CP30K (Metal opening frame)    
  SE-1 For seeding entire flat in one quick operation.  See video below. Order with virtually any size hole to conform to seed size.  These are custom-made so it is best to order all the seed plates you will need to ensure smooth operation.  
 (photo not available)
SP-Xmm Seed plates for seeder. Available with hols of virtually any size (measured in millimeters) for various sized seed
Ask about standard and custom hole sizes for different seed sizes  

Paper Chain Pots (for use in hand-pulled transplanters)

 Item number
 Cell size
In-row spacing
Cells per flat
Total chain length
Case size
CP303 1.25” diameter 1.25” deep 2 inches (5cm)  264

46 feet

scallions, onions, leeks, spinach, chard, beets, etc.

1.25” diameter 1.25” deep 4 inches (10cm)  264 88.6 feet onions, spinach

LP303-15 1.25” diameter 1.25” deep 6 inches (15cm)
264 131 feet

CP304 1.25” diameter 1.5” deep 2 inches (5cm)  264     150

1.25” diameter

2” deep
2 inches (5cm)  264     150
CP353 1.33” diameter 1.25” deep 2 inches (5cm)  190     150
CP354 1.33” diameter 1.5” deep 2 inches (5cm)  190    

1” diameter

1.25” deep
2 inches (5cm)  364     
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